REFERENCES & Testimonials

We are happy to provide you with a list of parent references. Please call us at (949) 510-4851 to obtain one.

In our wildest dreams, we could never have imagined a school enriching our children’s lives the way VanDamme Academy did this past year. Your teachers are so unique and very special. History “came alive” through Mr. Lewis’s animated storytelling; our kids’ self-confidence in math soared due to Mr. Black’s patience; our children’s vocabulary expanded exponentially because Mr. Mizrahi truly integrated new words into their daily language; a love of both literature and the arts blossomed under Mr. Travers’s tutelage; dinner table conversations revolved around how blood pumps through the human body due to Mr. Krieger’s inspiration. Our children were educated in a fun, loving, and inspirational environment. This year has been a blessing for our family.”
Thank you for making our son’s first year at VanDamme such a pleasure. He had a great year and we all enjoyed sharing in his learning without homework or stress. Your school and your teachers are incredibly special, or as our son would say, “Totally awesome!” Thanks for helping us make the transition from our old school and for making us feel so welcome and connected.”
Thank you for doing so much—for starting this incredible school that has changed the path of our lives. If our son had not gone here, there would be much more stress in our lives. We had started on the path of pressuring him about school, and we were on the ‘Race to Nowhere.’ We were told our son would have difficulty learning to read. He is reading chapter books after one year in Mrs. Beach’s class, and there were no tutors involved! It was with gentle, loving encouragement and great teaching. We were free to be his cheerleaders rather than his taskmasters. Thank you for making this possible. We look forward to the next 8 years.”
We have seen so much growth in [our son’s] self-confidence and maturity at home and we could not be happier that his academic performance and self-confidence are being recognized at school. I truly can’t thank you enough for your vision, expertise, knowledge, and compassion. You, your school, and your staff have changed our lives, but most importantly, changed our son’s life forever.”
Thank you for another great year—our kids have learned so much, and we’re so grateful for your wonderful school. Our son has thrived these last 7 years, and thanked us wholeheartedly for sending him to VDA. He realizes what a unique opportunity this was for him, and sees it as a springboard in his life. Our daughter’s enthusiasm “pays us back” all the time, in the form of excitedly sharing lessons she’s learned, loving reading, and expressing strong values. Thank you for everything!”
You have been such an integral part of my boys’ life during these past five years. Your school was the safe haven our older son needed to grow and your math, science, and literature programs have allowed our younger son to finally see his own academic potential. I will forever be in your debt.”
We feel lucky to be at VDA with you and a group of teachers that are so committed to the growth of our children. I appreciate your openness, devotion, and commitment to providing an outstanding education that supports our children and families. Our son is nourished at your school, at many levels, and that is a tribute to your leadership and vision.”