I have always felt advanced in many areas while at Mission [Viejo H.S.], including art, astronomy, literature, and ancient history.”

Bianca Beach

Mission viejo high school

VDA Class of 2013

After graduating from VDA, I attended Mission Viejo High School and graduated in 2017. I was heavily involved in the school’s drama department and have acted in or worked on nine productions. I have also competed in five theatre competitions. Over summer 2016, I went to Yale University and stayed in the dorms for two and a half weeks for the National Student Leadership Conference’s Acting Intensive Program. I strive to become a professional actress, and my next step in accomplishing this is college. However, I am taking a gap year in order to explore other options that I can do alongside acting for financial stability. I have an internship with the head of Event Planning at Mission Hospital, will be applying for a part-time job, and will be auditioning for local shows.

Throughout my high school experience, I have received numerous academic and theatrical awards, and have maintained a cumulative GPA of 4.3.

  1. Best Supporting Actress – California Educational Theatre Association (CETA Festival)
  2. 2nd Place Classic Comedic Monologue – Fullerton College Theatre Festival
  3. 2nd Place Contemporary Comedic Monologue – Roleabout Theatre Festival
  4. Best Ensemble in a Play – Cappies Gala Award
  5. Diablo Excellence Awards (given out by teachers): Earth Science, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Chemistry
  6. 3-time Spirit of the Diablos Winner
  7. Principal’s Honor Role (every semester)

I have been nominated by teachers the last two tears to be a “Diablito,” an upperclassman that helps the freshman become accustomed to MVHS before the first day of school. I have also become a member of the Cappies Critics Team at my school.  We travel to different high schools, write reviews on their shows, and vote at the end of the year on who should receive awards at the Gala. One of my reviews was published in the OC Register, and have been mentioned in the OC Register many times for my achievements. I am also a member of the International Thespian Society (ITS).

I have been given the chance to be an extra on the set of the upcoming movie, “Small Things” produced by Lionsgate. I was on set for two Saturdays to film, and was given a line. Therefore, my name should appear in the credits when the movie comes out in theaters.

I absolutely credit my academic achievements to VanDamme Academy. VDA taught me to not only to love receiving education, but to respect it and my teachers. I cannot count the number of times I have walked into the classroom and was the only one who greeted my teacher or thanked them at the end of class. I have legible writing and am frequently complimented on it, I always raise my hand in class, and am one of the few people who answer questions at all. I always do my work, study, and do not procrastinate. I remain respectful at all times in the classroom, which is something that should not be a rarity. My writing skills have also brought me far in my AP English classes, and my many years of grammar classes at VDA were extremely worth-while. I have always felt advanced in many areas while at Mission, including art, astronomy, literature, and ancient history.